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3 Dazzling Hikes in Corvallis to Try Now

3 Dazzling Hikes in Corvallis to Try Now

If you live in or near Corvallis, then it’s probably the beautiful scenery and lush, green areas near you that attracted you to the city. Well, that or you’re a college student there. In any case, Corvallis residents are famous for their love of outdoor adventures, and the local area offers plenty of excellent opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Hikes in Corvallis are beautiful and plentiful. The central Willamette valley region has drawn many world-renowned climbers, kayakers, and outdoor writers to check out its trails. Plus, Corvallis hikes are known not only for their excellent scenery, but also for the hours of fun provided by outdoor adventures in this area. Think cliff jumping, mountain biking, and a whole lot more.

None of that should be shocking, since Corvallis is full of a bevy of great hiking destinations, including its beautiful forests (like the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest) and its gorgeous hills. 

If you’re new to Corvallis hikes or you want a few suggestions to consider for your next hiking adventure, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll provide you with a few excellent hiking destinations for your hikes in Corvallis.

The Avery Park Hike

Corvallis, Oregon by Paul Woods // CC BY

Avery Park measures out at 75.3 acres and is like a beautiful patch of greenery. Located near Oregon State University, you’ll find Avery Park once you cross Highway 34. Once there, you’ll see a riverside trail, a rose garden, and plenty of vintage items like old train parts and dinosaur bones. 

Once inside, you’ll see a beautiful park area that also includes some fun hiking trails that supply plenty of enjoyment people of all ages. That’s because the Avery Park hiking options include paths that are about a mile long, and take visitors past some unique, vintage items that are worth seeing. 

If you’re bringing the kids along for a hiking adventure, then this is one of the best hikes in Corvallis you could offer your children. Not only are the hiking trails manageable for children, but Avery Park also has a black, full-sized locomotive to explore. You’ll also see a plaque near the train that mentions its history as a gift received from the George-Pacific Corporation on September 28, 1969.

The Beazell Memorial Forest Hike

Filled with relics of Oregon’s past, forest canopy-enclosed trails, and a true sense of solitude, the Beazell Memorial Forest is a true Corvallis gem.

The forest also supplies a charming tradition behind its creation. The forest is 586 acres, and Fred Beazell willed the area to Benton County to honor his late wife. Fred aimed to offer a beautiful place to the public that also shared the memory of his family’s name. 

At Beazell Memorial Forest, you’ll find several options in trails that about anyone would feel comfortable hiking. Most of the trails are about a mile and a half to five miles round-trip. So, you don’t need to be in fantastic shape to take these hikes, but if you’re looking to get more physically active, this is a great place to start. 

One great spot to peruse is the Plunkett Creek Loop, pictured above, which will bring you to a stream while you walk through the forest. The stream has a lot of neat crossing areas for the family. 

The South Ridge Trail is also worth visiting. It adjoins with the South Meadow Loop which gives you some great scenes of the valley as well as Mary’s Peak.

The Bald Hill Natural Area Hike

If some great views for your hikes in Corvallis are what you’re looking for, then consider taking the Bald Hill Natural Area walk. At Bald Hill Natural Area, you’ll be met with a few great hiking options. One of those hikes will take you up a hill and let you see a vision of Corvallis that’s worth experiencing. You’ll also see a beautiful view of Mary’s Peak and the Cascade Range.

If you want to hike up Bald Hill, the round-trip is three miles. You’ll wind up at the top, which offers some beautiful sitting areas and picnic spots. However, that’s just one of the many trails you’ll want to discover once you get to Bald Hill. 

Time to Hit the Trails!

Now that we’ve given you an overview covering some of the best hikes in Corvallis you can experience, it’s time for you to get out there and hit the trails. Make sure you take plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We promise you won’t be sorry! Ready to start hiking? Check out our recommendations for hiking essentials you’ll need on the trail.

If you’ve got some personal favorite Corvallis-based hikes you’d like to share, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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