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Best Hiking and Backpacking Water Bottles for 2020

Best Hiking and Backpacking Water Bottles for 2020

As we approach spring, we’re entering the prime time for exploring nature, but sweltering heat can be an issue. With appropriate preparation, hydration can cease to be one of your adventuring worries. Let us get you set up for a hydrated summer with our handpicked list of this year’s best hiking water bottles.

Best Titanium Water Bottle

iBasingo Titanium Water Bottle

Complete biocompatibility indicates a product will have zero negative effects on nature and your body, and titanium is one of the only materials that can 100% guarantee this is true.

There’s nothing in the bottles to leach into your water, which preserves both your health and the flavor of your beverage. In addition, titanium can be heated over an open flame, making your mountain-top cuppa the best you’ve ever prepared in the great outdoors.

We’ve chosen the iBasingo Titanium water bottle as our top titanium water bottle choice for its light weight and sleek design. Take a look at the iBasingo water bottle on Amazon here.

Best Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Outer EQ Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

Vacuum-insulated water bottles are popular for their ability to keep drinks at an even temperature for a remarkable amount of time, and we’re duly impressed by the Outer EQ bottle. It keeps drinks hot for over twelve hours and cold for over twenty-four, which might be what keeps you going when you’re trekking through the outback in mid-July, craving ice water.

The lightweight design features an attractive matte finish and a wide mouth for easier cleaning and drinking, but what we really love about this bottle is its amazing insulation so that it never breaks a sweat. That’s the temperature retention we like to see. Take a look at the affordable Outer EQ water bottle here.

Best Filtering Water Bottle

GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle

You’ve just crested another mountain, and glory be, you’re going to celebrate this moment with a sip of clean, fresh water – but, alas, your bottle is empty and the only available source of water is distressingly green. This is the moment you’ll wish you had the GRAYL water purifying bottle. The filter on this bottle removes 99.9999% (so, pretty much 100%) of viruses and disease-causing bacteria and also removes particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals with a manual press.

Users praise it for being thorough, long-lasting, and easy to use, which makes it our #1 choice for a filtering water bottle. It’s affordable and incredibly handy; check it out on Amazon here.

Best Collapsible Water Bottle

Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteens

Low-maintenance, space-saving innovation sounds like something you’d install in your home, but we’re talking about Survivor Filter’s Collapsible Canteens. They combine the power of water filtering with a 1.3oz body designs that folds up and fits snugly into a corner of your pack.

When full, the pouches hold up to a liter of water, and to filter water, you only need to screw a filter straw into the end (filter straws sold separately.) The tiny package can even fit in your pocket for a quick reach. Now, how many water bottles can you say that about? Ingenious and innovative, these canteens have our support. Check these neat canteens out on Amazon here.

Best Water Bladder

Source Outdoor Widepac Water Bladder

Water bladders are to hiking what heated seats are to cars: it’s the ultra-luxury convenience for hikers.  The Widepac water bladder wins in this category for perhaps the most important feature in a water bladder: your water won’t taste like plastic.

In addition to the flavor retention, of which we are a fan, the Widepac also features an innovative self-cleaning system, designed to prohibit the growth of mold and unpleasant bacteria from the tube and mouthpiece. It’s essentially clean forever with no maintenance on your part.

As if this wasn’t enough to garner our backing, the water bladder is also praised for its durability and will last you years of hydrated hiking. An affordable water bladder that lasts, the WidePac Water Bladder is not to be missed – you can check it out on Amazon here.

Best Affordable Water Bottle

Nalgene Tritan Widemouth Water Bottle

The Nalgene Tritan is the king of affordable water bottles. It’s stylish, versatile, and practical as all get out. The rugged shatterproof design comes in a rainbow of colors and the plastic is BPA-free and flavor retaining. This is without a doubt one of the best hiking water bottles on the planet; Nalgene is a classic brand that’s been used by backpackers for years.

The loop allows the bottle to hang conveniently from any strap you prefer and it holds up to thirty-two ounces, but the real winning point of the Nalgene Tritan is the price: ten dollars for a five-star water bottle. We consider that a deal. Check it out on Amazon here.

How to Choose the Perfect Hiking Water Bottle

When thinking about water bottles for hiking and backpacking, the best water bottle for you depends entirely on what you’re looking for; if you’re looking for something that will be able to filter water or keep your drinks cool for hours, you’ll probably be on the upper end of the price range.

If, however, you just want a great water bottle that’s easy to carry around on day hikes, some of the more affordable options on this list may suit you best. Whatever you end up choosing, we hope this list was helpful to you – now go hit the trails!

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