From exciting hiking apps to rugged sleeping bags, this is our absolute favorite gear to make sure you enjoy your time adventuring.


Our expertly curated recommended gear, from handheld GPS devices to hiking boots.

8 Best Kayaks Under $500 for 2019

Whether fishing, tubing, sunbathing, or knocking back a couple of cold ones on the lake, we can all agree there’s no better way to spend the sun-drenched days during summer than on the water.

Hiking Essentials You Need for 2019

We’ve thought long and hard about some of the most crucial hiking essentials that we think are great on the trail–here is our expertly curated list.

The Best Handheld GPS for Hiking in 2019

Though backpackers are the most common users of a handheld GPS, they’re great for day hikers too. Longer hikes and off-trail expeditions are a lot easier if you know where you’re going.