The Quintessential PCT Gear List for 2019-2020

Running alongside the west coast and passing through multiple massive mountain ranges, the Pacific Crest Trail spans an astounding 2,650 miles, from Southern California all the way up to Canada. The trail runs through several distinct regions, include wetlands, chaparral, and temperate regions, each region presenting a unique challenge, testing the resolve of those who […]

5 Most Scenic Beaches on the Oregon Coast

Fun fact: There are 363 miles of Oregon coastline…and every single mile is open to the public! With coastline come beaches and the Beaver State has plenty. In fact, it was hard to choose just five of the best for this list because they are all unique and beautiful in their own way.  Cannon Beach […]

Seven Breathtaking Campsites near Bend

Bend is a hub of outdoor sports; it offers fishing, kayaking, hiking, and mountaineering. In addition to that, however, it’s an area that features volcanic landscapes, towering mountain peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and high desert. To sum it up, Bend is incredible. There’s nothing like the great outdoors in central Oregon, and this is your guide […]

Four Spectacular Hikes Near Portland

While most of us that have been to Portland know that the area provides an excellent food scene, one of the best things about Portland is its closeness to several famous major hiking trails. In fact, the fantastic hiking trails that surround Portland are one of the major reasons why Portland attracts so many tourists.  […]

4 Kayaking Spots in Oregon You Need to Visit

Whether it’s paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, or kayaking, Oregon boasts an impressive array of recreational water activities. With the diversity of its waterways, kayaking is a great sport for novices and seasoned veterans alike. Today we’re sharing some must-try spots for your next paddling adventure on the water. Before you start: we’ve curated a definitive […]

5 Awesome Day Trips Near Portland

Portland is one of those cities in Oregon – and trust us, there are quite a few – where choosing a day trip is hard not because of a lack of things to do, but because of the opposite. With so much to do, it can be hard to narrow things down. If you’re looking […]

6 Stunning Fall Hikes in Oregon

Oregon has a landscape best known for expansive coniferous forests, and not so much for its dazzling fall foliage. But parts of Oregon are surprisingly breathtaking in the fall when the alders, aspens, and maples come to vibrant life. So, where do you head to check out the fall foliage in Oregon? We’ve curated a […]

Explore the Mosier Plateau Trail

The Columbia River Gorge offers no shortage of awe-inspiring hikes with waterfalls, ravines, and more. The Mosier Plateau Trail is one such trail that is relatively new to the Oregon hiking circuit, but is quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason. Completed by the Friends of the Columbia River Gorge in 2013, the Mosier Plateau […]

8 Best Kayaks Under $500 for 2019

Whether fishing, tubing, sunbathing, or knocking back a couple of cold ones on the lake, we can all agree there’s no better way to spend the sun-drenched days during summer than on the water.

Hike to Broken Top Crater and No Name Lake

Outside of Bend, Oregon, in the heart of the Three Sisters Wilderness in the Deschutes National Forest, lies one of our favorite elevation hikes. Broken Top is a 100,000-year-old caldera volcano eroded by glaciers and it’s a stunning monument to the Central Oregon Cascades. Summiting the 1850-ft peak reveals an alien landscape with sweeping vistas, […]